The villages in the Municipality of Sandanski have preserved the roots of the Bulgarian spirit and character and the uniqueness of the Bulgarian customs and traditions. Here, the guests have the opportunity to feel and be part of a life-style, which has built bridges between times and cultures. The beautiful nature, preserved folklore, customs and crafts, settlements, which are architectural reserves, traditional cousin and last but not least – the Bulgarian hospitality, all this make the village holiday a preferred choice.

The Bulgarian village gives the tourist an opportunity to feel as a well-received guest and friend. They can be part of and live with the local population; be included in the farm work, walking tours, horse ridings or a cart drive, crafts such as woodworking, wood-carving, textile work, pottery, weaving, blacksmithing and more, and take home a cloth, clay pot or other object made by their own hands. The guests can be engaged in cooking courses or wine degustation, can study the Bulgarian folklore, observe local family and religious holidays.