Balneotourism is the main type of tourism for the Sandanski resort. The tradition to use the healing qualities of the mineral water in combination with the natural resources of the town originates in the time of the Thracian tribe Maedi that lived in the region. The Thracians were famous for their skilled healers who were aware of the curative characteristics of the mineral springs. This tradition continued during the time of the Roman Empire and the sacred springs of Dezudava (today’s town of Sandanski) became known throughout the Great Empire. Later, on this place, the holy healers Cosmas and Damian, called “The Silverless” because they didn’t take any money for their help, put the foundations of balneology by establishing a healing center next to the Miroto Spring. This was a prerequisite for the development of the contemporary balneology in Sandanski and today in the balneo and spa centers of the hotels here, under the care of highly qualified physicians and physiotherapists, using the available and additional curative resources, the guests of the town can feel new strength and will to live. The big variety of medical and rehabilitation programs is constantly renewed with the inclusion of exotic and distinctive elements, as well as modern therapies which give a response to the present-day demands of the international markets. Thus, the balneo resort continues its development and can offer products for a wider group of consumers – from people, needing medical care and prophylaxis to healthy people, looking for relaxation and a way out of the everyday stress.