Sandanski is an ideal place for modern climatotherapy, balneotherapy, rehabilitation, primary and secondary prophylaxis and recreation. The town is widely known ever since ancient times and has an abundance of natural resources – mineral water and healing climate. Longstanding scientific researchers have proven the effective healing characteristics of Sandanski and in March, 1981, with an order from the Council of Ministers, the resort is approved as a first-rate climate and balneotherapeutical center of national and international importance.

The climate of the town of Sandanski is unique – transcontinental with Mediterranean influence. It is called “the Bulgarian Climatic South” because of its exclusively favourable bioclimatic constants. Spring here comes early and is followed by a dry, sometimes hot summer; the long and warm autumn passes into a soft winter after mid-December. An inexhaustible natural resource of health, beauty and energy is the mineral water of Sandanski. It is clear, colourless, scentless and with a nice taste: silicious – 70-135 mg metasilicious acid per liter, fluoric – up to 6,5mg fluorine per liter, hyperthermal – 42 – 810 С, low mineralized,  hydrocarbonate-sulfate-sodic, with slight alkaline reaction. It is suitable for treatment of deseases of the respiratory system, peripheral nervous system, rheumatic and kidney deseases, rehabilitation after insults and others.

Characteristics and chemical composition of the mineral water in Sandanski:

Gases mmol/l Fluoride (F) mmol/l Metasilicic acid (H2SiO3) mmol/l General mineralization (M) mmol/l Anions mmol/l Cations mmol/l Т° C Flow l/s Alkaline reaction (pH) General characteristics of the mineral water
0,006 0,131 0,650 HCO3 – 50 SO4 – 39 Na – 88 42-81°С 20 7,55 hyperthermal, silicic-fluorine, hydrocarbon-sulfate-sodium, slightly alkaline


The rugged and diverse terrains in the vicinity are a good prerequisite for terrain therapy. Having the background of the natural resources, unique mild climate and the presence of the mineral springs, excellent opportunities for complex treatment, rehabilitation and prophylaxis are offered.

  • Climate treatment – aerotherapy, heliothereapy
  • Kinesitherapy – medical gymnastics – individual and group, underwater gymnastics, healing massage, terrain therapy, yoga gymnastics
  • Aerozolotherapy – individual inhalations with mineral water, herbs and medicines
  • Apparatus physiotherapy – light therapy, electrotherapy, magnetic field treatment, laser therapy
  • Balneotheraepy – mineral water tubs, underwater massage, outside and inside mineral water pools, sauna park
  • Cryotherapy, thermotherapy, paraffin therapy
  • Phytotherapy

Sandanski is suitable for climate treatment throughout the year. It is recommended that the treatment is at least 30 days, and for a better healing effect – two times a year.