3200 years old is the history of Sandanski. It started in the late Neolithic and Eneolithic era (VІ-V BC). This is also the land of the Thracian tribe Maedi that gave Spartacus to the world – the legendary leader of the first slave uprising in the Roman Empire. With the settlement of Rome in this lands began the economic progress of the region. In ІІ-ІІІ c. the settlement with the mineral springs received the status of a town with the name Partikopolis, which reached its highest boom in ІV-VІ c. The Slavs, who settled here later on, gave a new name to the town – Sveti Vrach, in honour of the two brothers saints – Cosmas and Damian, who healed the sick without money with the power of Nature and the Christian faith. In 1947 Sveti Vrach was named Sandanski as recognition of the deed of the legendary revolutionary Yane Sandanski, who fought for the freedom of these lands from Ottoman Slavery.