The Pirin cuisine is very diverse and interesting. It is a unique mixture of traditional Bulgarian and Mediterranean dishes, because it has been influenced by the closeness of the Aegean region. It uses different local spices and herbs.

The taverns in Melnik and Rozhen are very attractive with their folk-style furnishing and authentic Revival atmosphere. Here you can taste some of the most interesting local dishes and delicacies, preserved through the ages and you have to try a glass of Melnik wine with the tasty food.

In the villages of Katuntsi, Levunovo and Pirin you will be accepted by skillfull hosts, who will teach you how to prepare tasty Pirin meals by yourself. Among them are: Sarmi, rolled with leaves from Broad Leafed Melnik Vine, Kachamak, Zelnik, Oriznik, Bismemka, Langidi for Lautsi, green and ripe figs jam with walnuts, and others.