The authentic folklore of municipality of Sandanski has remained part of the life of the local population and the tradition to be passed on to the next generations continuous. A proof for that are the numerous formations and folk groups, gathering in the local community centers and organizations. The typical for the region Pirin songs, performed with two voices, and the Macedonian horo dance in 8/8 (fast horo) are well know to young and old. There can still be seen hand woven, sewn and embroidered Pirin dresses in black and white colour.

Center of the artistic life in the municipality is Likin art studio, situated on the main street in the town of Sandanski. United by the idea to keep the flame of the beautiful and valuable art from the Pirin region, the creative team has diverse artistic activities – icon-painting, wall-painting, restoration, painting, stained glass, wood-carving, etc.